Developing a balanced skincare routine is integral in maintaining a healthy glowing appearance. There are important differences between day and night skincare products. To make the most of your skincare routine dig deeper into using different products designed for specific purposes. 

The Importance of Using the Right Moisturizer

Choosing and using the right moisturizer can make all of the difference when caring for skin. Moisturizers help provide protection while also preserving the skin with various anti-aging compounds. The right creams and skincare regimens have been shown to provide youthful, healthy, and glowing skin for decades to come.

What's the Difference Between Day and Night Cream?

Simply put, day moisturizers and creams are designed to help with protecting the skin from makeup, dirt, pollution, harmful UV rays, and even environmental triggers and stressors. During the day, people are more likely to spend time outdoors and expose themselves to harmful UV rays and damage. Day creams add a layer of protection that may help prevent sun damage, wrinkling, and even potential chronic skin diseases. Day creams with a high SPF can be especially helpful.

Using a night cream is equally as important as people typically spend at least a third of their lives asleep and resting. A night cream works to prevent aging and often is more focused on heavy-duty moisturization.  Some of the most common ingredients found in a typical night cream or overnight moisturizer include glycolic and hyaluronic acid along with retinol. These are all common anti-aging compounds.

The Benefits of Day Cream

Day cream is often used immediately after washing one's face during a morning routine. It is applied prior to putting on makeup, concealers and foundations for maximum protection and moisturizing. The creams themselves are designed to instantly add moisture to the face while also providing a layer of protection to keep the skin from absorbing harmful UV rays and pollution. Some day creams may also include various antioxidants that help to protect the skin's cells by neutralizing free radicals.

The Benefits of Using Night Cream

Night creams are designed to pack an additional punch by adding moisture to the skin just before bed. They are designed to go to work for hours and should be more focused on regenerative benefits.

After finishing a nightly routine of washing up and removing makeup, the skin is often left dry or damaged due to all of the washing and scrubbing. The right night cream should soothe skin while also pumping it with additional moisturizing compounds that are typically considered too heavy for day creams. Look for a formula boosted with collagen to help regenerate healthy and glowing skin.

Choosing the Right Skincare Regimen

Choosing the right skincare creams and moisturizers does not have to feel complicated and overwhelming. Once people are familiar with the differences between a day cream and a cream designed for overnight usage, they can develop a skincare routine that's customized to their needs.

Consider Skin Type

Not all skin types are the same. There are many different levels of dryness and oiliness. This is why it's important to consider skin type before choosing a skin cream or moisturizer that's optimal for individual needs. Most often, skincare products are available for dry, oily, or sensitive skin types to provide the most benefits.

Can You Use Day and Night Creams Interchangeably?

While of course it's possible to use both day and night creams interchangeably and at different times, this is not always advisable. Due to the specific ingredients included in each type of cream, it's best to use day creams fresh while waking and before a makeup application. On the flip side, it's better to use night cream just after removing makeup and heading to bed for the evening.

Understanding the differences between a day cream and night cream can help tremendously when choosing the products that are right for a daily routine. Once familiar with all of the skincare options available on the market, select the right day and night creams that are sure to keep skin healthy and glowing.